Climax 756 półmaska z filtrami

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Reusable half mask made of soft silicone to protect the upper respiratory tract.

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The half mask is a set consisting of a reusable half mask and two P3 filters. Made of lightweight, highly resistant materials, it does not adversely affect the health of the user in any way. The half mask ensures comfortable work in all conditions, without restricting movement and without restricting visibility. Provides maximum protection throughout the entire service life.


The half mask body is made of silicone, easily adapts to the user's face and provides comfort. Appropriately designed shape and material ensure the tightness of the half mask's face contact. The body has an exhaust valve and two connectors for combined filters.


Exhaled air is discharged through the exhalation valve. The valve consists of a seat and a diaphragm opening at the exhalation. When breathing in, the membrane is closed. The inhaled air completely passes through the filters and absorbers mounted to the half mask.

  • - adjustable length of all straps
  • - cradle for a comfortable head
  • - easily fastened, zip neck strap
  • Filters: 755/756
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Nominal protection factor (NPF): 50
  • Fastening: Head harness and elastic
  • Weight [gr]: 143
  • Standard: EN 140: 1998 CE
  • Made in Spain
  • Protection: dust up to 30xNDS

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