Viktoria Serwis is authorized by the manufacturers: Kemppi, Lincoln Electric-Bester, Esab-Ozas, Hypertherm, Tiger, Aspa.

We specialize in servicing:
  • ✔ electric welding devices,
  • ✔ welding accessories,
  • ✔ gas accessories,
  • ✔ plasma cutters,
  • ✔ electric and pneumatic tools
  • ✔ welding guns
  • ✔ car and traction rectifiers.
  • ✔ we rent equipment - if you have any welding work to do and the purchase of the equipment for this purpose is unprofitable - we offer to rent the equipment on good terms.
  • ✔ we launch new devices at the customer along with user training.
  • ✔ we carry out warranty repairs of devices of producers which we have authorization.
  • ✔ we carry out post-warranty repairs for all devices.