Mandatory periodic inspections of equipment and power tools.

ATTENTION: As part of the unification of law in EU countries, it has become the obligation for users to have a certificate of compliance with applicable standards for owned and used devices in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of April 27, 2001 on occupational health and safety at welding works.

Our welding service performs inspections in accordance with the EU Directive and deals with the maintenance of registers of these inspections. In practice, this means the establishment of a device passport and making appropriate entries after the review.

What is included in the review?

  • ✔ checking the no-load voltage of the device,
  • ✔ transformer insulation resistance and power cable,
  • ✔ condition and tightness of the cooling system,
  • ✔ checking the operation of control devices and electronic control systems,
  • ✔ checking security and signaling systems,
  • ✔ checking the welding current adjustment range,
  • ✔ condition of control and measuring equipment,
  • ✔ movement test,
  • ✔ visual inspection,
  • ✔ cleaning.

All measurements performed by our service technicians during repairs and periodic inspections are carried out using equipment with calibration certificates. We are talking about measuring electrical and gas quantities.

What do you gain:

  • ✔ Peace of mind - you don't have to remember about the reviews, we will remember them!
  • ✔ Confidence - you can be sure to perform the service professionally.
  • ✔ Replacement equipment - we provide replacement equipment for the duration of the service.
  • ✔ Attractive price conditions - if you don't know it yet ... see for yourself.
  • ✔ Security - as an authorized dealer we guarantee 100% security of transactions and contracts concluded with us.
  • ✔ Warranty - you don't worry about anything.