The validation of welding equipment includes that the equipment is supported by a standard in terms of precision and quality of work.

ArcValidator is a precise solution for checking the correctness of the system, which combines the requirements of production work with formal procedures and allows the use of various quality control standards, as well as the national requirements of the EN 50504 standard regarding the validation of welding equipment.

ArcValidator is designed for a variety of users, including maintenance workshops, welding equipment suppliers, equipment rentals, and mobile maintenance services. In conjunction with the operation and validation of welding equipment from other manufacturers

The ArcValidator system saves time and money and requires detailed customer documentation. In accordance with the quality assurance and welding procedures and related welding source tests in accordance with ISO 3834 and EN 1090, we offer welding equipment measurements.

The scope of tests and activities in accordance with PN-EN-60974-4 Part 4: "Control and testing in operation":

✔ visual control of power supply, secondary, mechanical, accessories,

✔ visual inspection of the plug and power cord, terminal strips, etc.,

✔ visual inspection of the status of power sockets and plugs as well as welding cables,

✔ control of electromechanical and control connections,

✔ checking the tightness of the cooling system and fluid level,

✔ checking the condition of the housing, covers and mechanical protections,

✔ control of stamping accessories: welding gun, intermediate cable, mass cable, remote control, etc.,

✔ control of the protective conductor continuity measured with 25A current,

✔ measurements of electric shock insulation class at three ISO 500V points:

    - resistance between the power supply circuit (230 / 400V) and the device housing (PE),

    - resistance between the secondary (welding) circuit and the housing (PE),

    - resistance between the power supply circuit (230 / 400V) and the secondary circuit (welding),

✔ PE conductor leakage current measurement,

✔ measurement of primary leakage currents,

✔ measurement of secondary leakage currents,

✔ control of no-load voltage (true RMS and PP),

✔ functional tests:

    - functional check

    - control of on / off devices,

    - voltage reduction control,

    - gas solenoid valve check,

    - verification of the operation of signaling and control elements,

✔ measurements confirmed by a measurement report and diagnostic sticker on the device,

✔ documentation and archiving of measurement data,

✔ measurements made with professional instruments dedicated to welding devices.

The scope of tests and activities performed during validation in accordance with EN 50504: 2008

✔ reading the device data from the rating plate,

✔ entering data into the ArcValidator device

✔ 5 minutes warming up of the device with the rated current,

✔ measurement of supply voltage,

✔ measurement of the ambient temperature (device operation),

✔ measurement of the no-load voltage of the welder (U0),

✔ reading currents and voltages:

    - set on the device panel,

    - real measured ArcValidator displayed by the welder,

✔ measuring points for different current and voltage ranges are read in accordance with the ArcValidator procedure,

✔ measurement of wire feeder speed (applies to MIG / MAG devices):

✔ set on the device panel,

✔ the actual speed measured on the ArcValidator device displayed by the welder,

✔ measuring points for different ranges of feeding speed are read,

✔ possible correction of incorrect parameters (if the manufacturer provided for such a possibility),

✔ the results are calculated on an ongoing basis by the ArcValidator system and given as the final test result: positive / negative with measured errors and acceptable error values,

✔ measurements confirmed by a measurement report and diagnostic sticker on the device.

Standards and Regulations

Validation of welding equipment - in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the European Union (EN 1090 standard), users of welding equipment are required to validate their welders regularly every 1 year.

Our experts, with the help of certified calibrators, will carry out measurements and validation for you of any type of welding equipment and manufacturer in accordance with EN 50504: PN-EN 60974-4

  • ✔ PN-EN 60974-4: Arc welding equipment - Part 4: Periodic inspection and testing.
  • ✔ PN-EN 60745-1: Hand tools with electric drive. Safety of use. Part 1: General requirements.
  • ✔ PN-EN 61029: Safety in using portable power tools. General requirements.
  • ✔ PN-EN 60335-1: Safety of electrical devices for home and similar use. General requirements.
  • ✔ PN-EN 60950: Security of information technology equipment.
  • ✔ VDE 0404-1: Prüf- und Messeinrichtungen zum Prüfen der elektrischen Sicherheit von elektrischen Geräten. Teil 1: Allgemeine Anforderungen.
  • ✔ VDE 0404-2: Prüf- und Messeinrichtungen zum Prüfen der elektrischen Sicherheit von elektrischen Geräten. Teil 2: Prüfeinrichtungen für Prüfungen nach Instandsetzung, Änderung oder für Wiederholungsprüfungen.
  • ✔ VDE 0701-0702 Prüfung nach Instandsetzung, Änderung elektrischer Geräte. Wiederholungsprüfung elektrischer Geräte. Allgemeine Anforderungen für die elektrische Sicherhei.

Very often the customer receives a report on the inspection of the welding device with the PN-EN 60974-4 standard cited, which is referred to by the service that performs measurements and inspection of the entrusted device.

However, you should be aware of what this standard says and what obligations it imposes on those who carry out welding tests and inspections.

It is the service technician who returns the device to the customer after testing, assumes responsibility by declaring in writing the safety of its operation and compliance of the tests with the applicable standards.

This is a standard designed to ensure safe operation of the device, to protect the user against electric shock, burns or radiation of the welding arc and the consequences of the above.

It is obligatory for the owners of welding equipment to be used and imposes an obligation to carry out periodic tests at least every 12 months.

Sample ESAB welding machine validation report.